Scenic Adventures

Unicoi County boasts majestic mountain peaks, winding valleys and routes that trace the streams and creeks that flow through the area. With breathtaking backdrops that look beautiful no matter what season, Unicoi County is a scenic driving destination.

Unaka Mountain Beauty Spot

Unaka Mountain Beauty Spot is known for its stunning panoramic views of the surrounding Tennessee and North Carolina mountains. Unaka Mountain Road is a rugged, narrow road. It’s heavy use and the harsh conditions of Unaka Mountain, make its condition vary from season to season. Typically, it’s a good idea to take a high clearance vehicle to navigate the rough terrain.


Visit our waterfalls section for more information about local waterfalls. 

Motorcycle Trails

Rev your engine and ride away, leaving civilization behind on your motorcycle getaway. Unicoi County is home to a beautiful scenic ride through the mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina. As you ride into the Cherokee National Forest, watch to breeding trout as they swim by your side in the streams and creeks that line the way.  After that, hear our ancestors laugh in the wind as you ride through the land of former moonshiners and whiskey makers. Top off your trip with a break by the banks of the Nolichucky River, taking in the breeze and relishing in the sights of the flowing water and rolling land. This trail allows you to lose yourself as you become one with nature, relaxing and recharging on the backroads of our community.

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