Traveling through Northeast Tennessee is beautiful, safe, and easy but planning ahead will help you make the most of your vacation!


Discover what the locals eat

Food is a great way to get to know a place better.  Embracing the local tastes of a new city will also supply you with great stories to tell when you return home.

Do your research 
The more you know before you go the better prepared you’ll be.  Researching local attractions, restaurants, and parks will help you plan all the places you want to explore. You’ll also want to know how far apart the sites you plan to visit are from one another.  Before you go, take a minute to study a map. Get acquainted with the lay of the land. It will not only save you time (and sanity), but you’ll also impress the locals with your new-city know-how.

Don’t feel like you have to plan every second

Don’t be afraid to go off schedule. Your plans and timetables should only be used as a guide. Feel free to explore on your own if you see something that wasn’t in your plans. You can make adjustments and get back on schedule later. Every day you learn more about where you are and what you can do there than you knew while planning the trip. There may be amazing places and activities that you never even heard of before, and you don’t want to be restricted from doing so. 

Make a playlist for memories
Creating a new playlist is something fun to do for your trip.  Listening to it afterwards is a great way to bring back all the emotions and memories you made while on your trip.
Take more photos of yourself
Photos with just the beautiful background are no different than the ones everyone else has taken.  The photos you have of yourself will come to mean a lot more to you as you look back over your travels.
Write down the address of your accommodation before you arrive
It’s always good to go ahead and have the address and even hotel confirmation number written down somewhere before you go.  Once you get there, it can also be a good idea to grab a business card with their address and phone number.
Let your bank know you’ll be traveling
No one wants to waste time making phone calls to the bank during the middle of a trip.  Make sure to call before you go to prevent any kind of hassle while you’re gone.
If there’s no internet, EMBRACE IT
Technology can often be a distraction and keep you from fully embracing the moment.  Some of your best moments will come when you are completely unplugged.

Go to an event
Going to a local event will really give you a feel for a city, its culture, and its residents. In the summer, festivals celebrating music and food are abundant. In the cooler months, holiday celebrations and special seasonal dinners can be easily found. Check out our local Chamber of Commerce website and make sure you follow all our social media pages!

Unicoi County Apple Festival
Visit Unicoi County
Unicoi County Chamber of Commerce

Have a health checkup before you leave
If you plan on hiking or doing physical activities that you don’t typically do, it is always a good idea to make sure you’ve had a recent checkup and have the all clear from your doctor.
Scan your important documents and email them to yourself
Scan a copy of your debit/credit cards, license, and any other important documents you may need while traveling.  Password protect the documents and email a copy to yourself and to a family member.  
Give family and/or friends a copy of your itinerary
From a safety perspective, it is always good to let someone know where you will be.
Charge your devices whenever you get the chance
If you’re going to be out most of the day, remember to charge up your phone the night before.  Also make sure to carry a charger with you to use whenever you see a spare power socket.  
Pack a portable battery for your phone
Picking up a tiny, lightweight charger for your phone is a great idea and can come in handy if you aren’t going to be around any other power sources for a while, especially while hiking or out in nature.

Talk to the locals.
 There’s no better way to get to know a city than by speaking to the people who live there. Strike up a conversation with the locals you meet and ask them what they recommend in the way of events, parks or restaurants. They’ll usually be proud to offer you an insider’s perspective on their hometown.

Wander! Get lost! Sometimes the best finds are off the beaten path.  It’s a great way to make new discoveries. If you’ve already seen the big-ticket attractions — or if you’re just not interested in them — take some time to walk or bike around the regions parks and avenues. 

Get out of your comfort zone. You’re in a new place— try something new! Give yourself an experience you’ve always dreamt about. Check with the local visitor center and chamber to see if there’s an activity you’ve always wanted to try.  The sky is the limit when it comes to gaining new experiences!

What are you waiting for?

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