Unicoi County Heritage Museum

The Unicoi County Heritage Museum, housed in a turn-of-the-century home originally built for the Superintendent of the National Fish Hatchery in Erwin, showcases the county’s history in uniquely themed rooms.

The house features the following themed rooms: Parlor, Blue Ridge Pottery Room, Butler’s Pantry, Community Room, Wildlife Room, Kitchen, Main Street, Clinchfield Railroad Room, Daughters of the American Revolution Room, History and War Rooms, Attic, Country Store, Greasy Cove Schoolhouse, and Amphitheatre.

In its day, it was one of the grandest homes in the Country. The years took a toll, and, by 1982, the stately old house had become dilapidated and almost impossible to heat. The Federal Government ordered its demolition. Mr. Ralph Erwin of the Unicoi County Chamber of Commerce suggested the renovation of the house into a museum and center for community activities. The Chamber, working with the Hatchery Superintendent, Mr. Roger Schultz, signed an agreement with the United States Government that “Quarters #1” should become the Unicoi County Heritage Museum. On July 3, 1982, nine rooms were opened to the public.

A nature trail is located on the grounds of the museum.  A cassette narrative is available describing the plants and trees found on this 30-minute hike around the woods. The trees and plants are identified by markers along the trail.

Unicoi County Heritage Museum

529 Federal Hatchery Rd.
Erwin, TN 37650
(423) 743-9449

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